Thursday, September 22, 2005


If previous blogs serve me correctly, over a week ago now I was promised a bank account ‘within a week’. So far all I have received is a box of about 500 blue cheques, and no debit card. Which is about as useful as a megaphone in a silent order nunnery. So I stepped out of the apartment this morning to look for any signs of debit-card-shaped-post only to trip straight over a large bag which had been left right outside the door. This immediately set off Mrs. N’s ‘early warning system’ – a dog/pig which yaps incessantly at the slightest sound. And sure enough, out she comes. ‘Oh you found them! Good!’ In the bag is a selection of bath cleaners, tile cleaners etc. A gift from Mrs. N. (because clearly the state of my apartment is not ‘keeping up with the Ns’s’). I find myself muttering something about them being far from environmentally friendly, and there’s another hurricane coming and it’s surely the fault of tile cleaners, but I’m not being particularly coherent even to my own ears and she chooses not to hear. I am hardly in a position to argue – sprawled on the floor in just my (non-designer) underwear. Satisfied to witness me in this inferior state, on the floor where I belong, she disappears back inside again. OH GOD….

Going to see Michael Franti tonight at a club called ‘Spirit’. Having never been before I decided to check out the website, and am more than a little alarmed to see that everyone in the pictures seems to be wearing bikinis, (except for the male strippers called ‘hunk mania’, who are, of course, wearing nothing at all). I then find a video clip of the club and in this everyone is only wearing underwear. Really, just underwear. This is clearly not your average Jazz Café gig.
Ok so now I’m having a dress code crisis……
So I just called them. ‘No sneaks, no pimps (?!), no jeans, no athletic wear’.
Right, well in my wardrobe then, there’s pretty much only underwear left…..

Executive summary: Day spent in underwear
Live Music: Michael FrantiSpirit NY.


Anonymous steve said...

That's why they are all in their underwear - they turned up wearing normal clothes that all fell foul of the dress code, and had to strip off. I hear their coat-check is the busiest in all NYC. ;)

4:12 PM, September 22, 2005  

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