Monday, October 10, 2005


Jonathan is staying with us this week, which is a great excuse for me to head out to see a trillion gigs with him.

Live music:
The Vanguard Jazz OrchestraVillage Vanguard NY.
Fantastic Thad Jones compositions and the most mind-blowing baritone-sax soloing I’ve ever heard from Chris Karlic. A stunning band.
Steve Coleman rehearsal workshop – Jazz Gallery NY.
‘Blah blah, now, logically, you might think that the next tone you have to play is A, because if C is the axis and if the E flat is a minor third above C then you would think you have to play an A because A is a minor third below the axis tone C.  But you can play C and E flat and then play B and E natural blah blah…..’
Didn’t understand a word.
J understood about 5 words.
But to be fair we arrived half way through. If we’d heard the whole thing we’d have understood everything. Definitely. Without a doubt…..
Jam Session – Smoke NY.
Arrived at midnight. A really happening vibe, loads of musicians, listeners and the best sort of low life. Good bar, great atmosphere and the sort of perfect sound where you can actually hear the piano. The closest feel to London’s 606 Club I’ve found here so far, even more so as we immediately crashed into the Fishwick brothers (Matt has recently moved to NY), and then (the new slimline) drummer Mark Taylor who moved here from London 9 years ago. Really good to see him again and hear his awesome American accent, man.
Home at 4am for bagels and jazz chat.
Perfect evening.


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

Dearest Shark
Thank the Lordy. I blogged on 10 mins ago and it was just 3 links. I thought the standard had slipped but should have known better!!!
It’s been a while since you mentioned TH. Please tell me it’s not because he’s run off with one of the overnight guests (after the tie-die place).

4:36 PM, October 11, 2005  
Blogger jimbobwoof said...

"closest thing to the 606".. what? they got a crap flautist too?

4:05 AM, October 12, 2005  

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