Saturday, November 26, 2005


The lovely Catster arrived on Wednesday with a suitcase full of hula hoops, wheat crunchies, feminax, my preferred M&S underwear and London (which I will get to...). The prepared story on the feminax (just incase she was searched), was that she needed painkillers (lots of them) for her terrible migraines, which were clearly caused by her extreme addiction to hula hoops. Anyway, in the event, she wasn't searched, and ended up with a totally empty suitcase to fill with jeans, kangaroos and CD's. Which she has very successfully done.

We have had much fun doing all the things I never get round to because I now live here, such as the Statten Island Ferry trip, the Empire State, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and huge amounts of shopping. We've also seen some great movies and gigs - Brad Mehldau at the Vanguard (with wondrous new addition to his trio - drummer Jeff Ballard) and last night Antje Duvekot (a truly talented singer/songwriter) at the Living Room, which is fast becoming one of my favourite venues.

It's cold now (so I'm told), but I'm LOVING it and have started what I am sure will become a huge Autumn fashion trend in the light (or dark) of current fire goblet popularity. The 'Death Eater' look.

But back to London. On receiving the perfect gift - 'London in a bag', I set to work building it, and I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with me immediately constructing my entire past life.....the Archduke, the RFH, the 68 bus, the 'magic' RV1 bus, OVP's flat and my Waterloo cab home (with Vince driving).
London has been hanging around here for 3 days but the TH is clearly feeling much more at home here than I am as he insisted I clear London away this morning, saying it was messing up the living room.


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

TH has changed!!!

7:16 AM, November 27, 2005  
Blogger jimbobwoof said...

Thom, the bright "nearly 4" year old has explained to me what Hula Hoops are. He says they are hoops that are made out of Hul or Hula. That should explain the migraines

11:35 AM, November 28, 2005  
Blogger jimbobwoof said...

Hul is the son of Aram in the Book of Genesis and the eponym of a Hebrew tribe.

Hula is a language in Papua new Guinea.

... very bad migraines

11:37 AM, November 28, 2005  

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