Friday, November 11, 2005


A few days ago codenamelizzy posted some NY questions for me, so it's only right and proper that I should reply.....

1. Is the new series of Desperate Housewives good?
Yes, but clearly I can’t tell you anything about it or I’d have to go back to work, get dumped by my boyfriend on account of his missing son whilst narrowly avoiding being shot and sleep with my lawyer.
2. Is the position of the moon different there?
Here’s the moon. You tell me.

3. What about the constellations? Can you see Ursa Major, or the Big Dipper as it’s known locally.
New York is a City and there are no stars in the sky. However, there is one in the apartment below. And there was a 'Big' one in the bar I was in last night. I have no idea if or how he dips…

4. Have you used the term ‘bangs’ yet?
No but I was nevertheless ‘banged’ (so to speak) by a hairdresser last week who gave me the worst haircut I’ve had in my life.
5. Does TH make an effort to watch Tottenham on the telly?
No because he is an Arsenal supporter.
6. What is the tea like?
Very expensive.
7. And the cheese?
Processed and only really valid on burgers.
8. And the milk?
No fat, 1% fat, 2% fat, 3% fat, 4% fat…..
9. Can you drink water straight from the tap?
Yes. But not next Wednesday. You learn to love the colour brown.
10. Is Friends on constant rotation?
Yes, but not in this apartment.
11. Do you log onto The Guardian on-line?
I do little else.
12. How do you cope with the gin measures in Bars?
How did I ever cope with the gin measures in UK bars without the aid of a magnifying glass?
13. Is there media interest in Kate Moss and Charles & Camilla's trip?
Who they? (Ed)


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

If he supports Arsenal thank God he's not watching.
No stars, not even one. You'll have to move!!!

7:27 AM, November 12, 2005  

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