Monday, July 31, 2006


I am so loving being in London…..

A whirlwind week seeing friends for lunches, drinks, coffee, drinks, dinner and errrr ……drinks every day. A few fabulous gigs also thrown in to the mix - notably Hanne Hukkelberg (surely the next Bjork?), the lovely Steve Lawson’s Recycle Collective gig to launch his wonderful new album (which I was ever so slightly involved in), and preview the imaginative and beautifully performed ‘New Standard’ set with Julie McKee before their Edinburgh Festival run (go check it out if you’re up there), and a heartfelt solo gig at the new Vortex by the ever-creative Estelle Kokot

On Friday I was offered a tour of the Royal Festival Hall’s site redevelopment - a huge and very exciting project. So, suitably dressed in hard-hat, fluorescent jacket and very dodgy wellingtons (which instantly cause you to walk like a builder), I went hunting for my old office and discovered that it now appears to be a bar....which seems somehow appropriate.

The auditorium currently consists of miles of scaffolding (in itself a remarkable feat of engineering) and although not totally gutted by any means, there's so much already changed in the building that despite having worked there for 19 years, I was nevertheless getting confused as to my whereabouts.

Yesterday to C and OVP's gaff for a lovely afternoon/evening/night in their garden with my closest and very-missed friends. In short, my ‘family’. The last thing I remember is having way too much fun with a pitchfork digging up potatoes in J's allotment at dusk. Don't ask. I've really no idea...


Blogger jazzshark said...

I received an email today. Apparently -
'A pitchfork, strictly, is one you use for tossing, or pitching, hay or the like. That was a garden fork. But you're only at the beginning of your farming career yet...'
Farming career?

3:23 AM, August 04, 2006  

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