Saturday, June 24, 2006


Summer in New York. And it feels more like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every day. There is a pile of washing up in the sink. I have no idea who's in the spare room, although the shoes in the hall may or may not be a clue. I haven't slept more than 2 hours in days and appear to be wearing clothes which don't belong to me. Wine is flowing but food is scarce. We are reeling from free gig to free gig with the odd paid gig inbetween and are coincidentally meeting 'friends of friends' on an hourly karmic basis. It's even raining like we're in Scotland. I should currently be at something called the 'Mermaid Parade' but stuff happens. There's still the hip-hop festival and tap dance extravaganza later.....
Meantime, our apartment is apparently the venue for a poker game, friends are disappearing to saner places and an alarming number of folks are walking past dressed in cotton balls.
Somehow, amidst this chaos, the TH is still managing to HOLD DOWN A JOB.


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