Friday, October 14, 2005


Endeavoured to find a doctor this afternoon due to aforementioned infected toe. No joy. We have health insurance, but actually finding a way to access any health is like trying to leave the apartment without Mrs. N’s dog/pig squealing the block down.
The health insurance Co. has a website, which works up to about the 25th screen, just when you’re about to get to the useful page, and then gives a very helpful error message ‘there has been an error please log-in again’. When I finally managed to get in through a dive-bar entrance, it presented me with the names of five GP’s I’m ‘allowed’ to use. Five phone calls later (actually four, because it appeared that the fifth didn’t have any qualifications) and two were on answer-phone till Monday, one didn’t want a new patient and the remaining one was apparently ‘in theatre all day’. Which is fine with me, as clearly I don’t want a bloody actor messing with my foot.
So it could well be reality TV ER for me this weekend.

Did what any sensible person would do under the circumstances and headed for my favourite bar, to partake of that well-known kill or cure minus the lemon. Hey it’s worked before. There is a collective consciousness in bars at this time of day. We lone and silent drinkers share a chuckle as we watch the opportunist fly-poster slapping flyers onto the tops of umbrellas. The clink of glasses is interrupted occasionally by ‘it’s never rained like this before - never’, followed by a collective shake of heads.  
Reminded of times past in similar bars in many cities and amongst these strangers felt strangely at home.          


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are meant to do the sensible thing and ask aquaintences for suggestions or recommendations. There are loads of doctors in your part of town - its practically doctorville. I think I used a practice on 33rd between 1st and 2nd avenue. You could just take a walk down during the day (oh sorry toe!) and pop in with your medical insurance documents.


10:49 AM, October 16, 2005  

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