Thursday, October 20, 2005


So I visited nice Dr Podiatrist today who confirmed my suspicion of an infected ingrown toenail. Given the choice of having the offending piece of nail lopped off (and hence providing what may only be a temporary cure) or having a whole section of nail removed right the way down (gross….but a permanent cure), I of course optimistically opted for the former. Having just finished the latest Harry Potter book, I had a mind full of horcruxes and obviously didn’t fancy the possibility of removed parts of me re-appearing all over the place.
Yeah right.  
I was just being a coward.

Dr P asked how I’d found him (well errrr the net of course….how else does anyone find anything these days?) and strangely found it most amusing that I’d chosen him because he had the smiliest podiatrist picture in the whole of Manhattan on his website.
Mrs. N, who has been checking on toe situation with alarming regularity and keeps trying to get me to show said toe to her and her husband, was horrified yesterday when I told her I didn’t know which school Dr P had been to off the top of my head.. ‘But you must see MY Doctor’ she insisted. (Yeah, like I’m really going to take a doctor recommendation from her, having seen ‘Rosemary’s Baby’…..)
So I related this story to Dr P and he said to tell her he’d been nowhere at all after kindergarten.
Am liking the GSOH. Could come in useful if we are forced to embark on toenail cure stage 2.

Meanwhile, had glorious ‘tourist’ day yesterday. One of those perfect Autumn NY days – warm, not hot, with a faultless blue sky and lots of good air (and about time too). After Tai Chi, wandered around Greenwich Village, SoHo, Chinatown, the Bowery and finally down to South St Seaport where the gadget shops have the most amazing massage chairs you can try out. (They still haven’t noticed the frequency with which I pretend to be considering purchase – currently at least once a week, in all three stores).  Then out to dinner for lots of catching-up chat with the lovely Sonia, who is staying with us for a couple of weeks whilst she attends opera auditions in NY.
Tonight off to see my current favourite drummer Mark Guiliana perform with his own band Heernt.

Live music: HeerntThe C Note NY


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