Sunday, December 11, 2005


I am pleased to report that the TH has fulfilled his only marriage vow agreement, which required him to carry back a Christmas Tree (minimum 7 ft) to whichever apartment we may happen to be in for the rest of our lives (or until said vow is broken, and hence marriage annulled. Or something). Mind you, we're only in year one. Also, he did acquire the help of a rather gorgeous 7 ft student to help him, it has to be said, but I'd probably have added that to the vow anyway, had I thought of it. Said student, incidentally, is about to join the navy to rescue pilots who have been shot down behind enemy lines, (which seems like a very obvious career move from selling xmas trees in the street....) I rather liked that touching 'wanting to rescue people' element to him, be it in a suspect manner and expressed whilst he was holding a saw, although I admit that's probably too much character information to demand of a mere extra in a marriage vow.

I'm rather good at xmas trees, even if I say so myself - so this is the result of an afternoon spent with Christmas music, baubles and fairies, whilst the TH also got into the spirit, not, and spent the afternoon swearing at the computer in the kitchen about release notes, dtm's, cob dates and J drives.. uh? Bah work.

The observant amongst you will notice a collection of furry teddies and suchlike under the tree. These are courtesy of Mrs N, (who actually paid me a compliment today on my tree decorating skillz - now that's a first). We tried to return said teddies, but with no success, and frankly they're tired of being shunted from apartment to apartment across the corridor so I've taken pity and they can stay for now.

Come the New Year though, when the season of goodwill has long gone, I will be delivering a whole case load of unwanted items to Mrs N in return.


Blogger jimbobwoof said...

Just to show you that your decorating legacy remains in parts of the UK.

4:14 AM, December 12, 2005  
Blogger Bloominjools said...

Awww. Pretty tree! I'm jealous. I'll take a picture of mine tonight so we can compare and contrast - harrumph!

8:48 AM, December 12, 2005  
Blogger purplemafling said...

Cool tree. Can't wait to see it in the flesh!
F and the elf xxx

3:27 PM, December 12, 2005  
Blogger Bloominjools said...

Well, my tree has been uploaded ... I'll just have to make sure the mulled wine is twice as good to make up for the stature of my tree!

5:32 AM, December 13, 2005  

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