Friday, February 17, 2006


I have to say, I was completely knocked out by Janek Gwizdala's gig at the Jazz Gallery last night. I've not heard him play live for years to tell the truth. In fact I've not heard him play since he was about 12, at Ronnie Scotts with Airto and Flora (and I was almost certainly pissed.) In fact I know I was, because he had to give me a lift home after the gig. So maybe he was actually something like 17.....

Anyway, now he's of an age when he can legally drink and drive (although clearly not at the same time), and to hear him play is a great privilege as he is a seriously brilliant musician with a kicking rocking band of geniuses. And being relatively sober nowadays, (me I mean, although probably him too), I had to leave after the first set because I was shaking my head so much to that compelling drum 'n' bassy groove thing that it was almost too much. Too much of everything, you understand. Because less is more when you're legally old enough to do everything. And have.
Hey. I'm loving this band. And I'm feeling proud because he's British. And I'm loving this town for it being so bloody EASY to get to gigs here and get home again afterwards. That is SO the answer to any debate on audience figures anywhere......
So, incase you care, the amazing band consisted of Janek (bass), Elliot Mason (trombone), Mark Turner (sax), Tim Miller (guitar), Jordan Perlson (drums) and guest Brad Mason (trumpet).
Here is Mark Turner. Looking errrr....moody I guess...

Tonight to see the lovely Jamie Leonhart at Rockwood Music Hall, which is a spectacularly impressive name for a room which is no bigger than my living room, where the sound engineer sits in a 2ft square space sort of on top of the front door. Jamie is a superb singer/songwriter - a totally unique and intriguing voice and delivery - in the vein of Hanne Hukkelberg meets Amy Winehouse - though definitely more the former, and actually that's just a vague guideline - she's a true individual. Liking her lots. Liking also the sensitive, instinctive accompaniment of her husband Michael Leonhart on piano.


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