Sunday, June 18, 2006


Bleary-eyed from another 0-dark-thirty night. If it weren't for high-definition TV I wouldn't even be able to find the football channel.

Summer in the city. This is what it sounds like. 92 degrees and the AC is high.

Tonight will be the 34th band I've seen so far this month.
Slowly getting to grips with the music in this City, but there aren't enough hours in the night. Totally dependent on cabs from venue to venue (not an extravagance - they're so cheap here). But now the added complication of finding cab drivers who have no interest in football. Last night my life in the hands of a guy from Ghana, who spent the entire journey shrieking down the phone to relatives in his homeland about aggregates. His eyes were about as far from the road as his dream from reality. On the way home a Czech driver, who was, to say the least, suicidal...

The doorman sound asleep as we crept in. He's from Croatia, so very soon it might be too dangerous to even leave the apartment.


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