Monday, May 29, 2006


Déjà vu.

When I met the TH nine years ago he was unemployed and formulating a major career change. So whilst I went out to work 24/7, he spent the first few months of our relationship lying on my living room floor ploughing through a pile of very thick computer language books and crates of special brew, learning how to become an investment banker. We had hardly any money in those days. So little money in fact that we totally lived on lentil soup and home-baked bread. (Pause for general readership gasping - the shark baking bread?! Baking anything?) Sure enough, he finally got the job of his dreams and has never looked back. To my knowledge he hasn't drunk special brew since either. (Which, if you know anything about that particular poison, can only be at least as good a thing as him getting the job.)

Forward wind nine years and whilst the TH goes out to work 24/7, I find myself unemployed, sitting on the living room floor ploughing through a large computer language book, formulating a career change.
We have more money these days so I don't make the TH bake bread, and I'm working through a rather lovely bottle of Gavi di Gavi.....

But, details aside, how weird is that?


Blogger purplemafling said...

I look forward to your new career as Shark the Investment banker. Perhaps I need to go out and purchase a few new books...x

5:13 AM, May 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

alternatively, you can succumb to my long-standing invitation for an absentminded dinner (via the omniscient Andrew) and save a few bucks. or not. open to the masses. smoking enviorenment warning is in order.

andrew's nyc habituated friend, aka "a lurker" on your site.


7:31 PM, May 30, 2006  
Blogger est said...

ahh....i loved reading this. who knows what adventures lie round the wonderful corners of life ey?

5:01 PM, June 04, 2006  

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