Tuesday, September 27, 2005


So, courtesy of Steve’s blog, here’s a little blogarithm for you all.

  1. If you were stuck in Bexley with an internet connection to only one blog, whose would it be?

  2. Which is the blog that makes you laugh most?

  3. Which blog is most likely to make you cry?

  4. Which blog is most likely to inspire you to part with cash for a CD/DVD?

  5. Which blog is most likely to cause you to change your mind about an issue?

  6. Which blog do you read first thing in the morning?

  7. Of the blogs you read by people you don’t know, who would you most like to meet?

  8. And finally, one I added myself – who should be blogging who isn’t yet?

And here are the results from the New York jury.
NB. All references to Steve are in no way influenced by my offence at not being mentioned in his original list. Not at all.

  1. If only Google Earth were a blog and could lead you the hell out of Bexley. But as it’s not, then it would have been Steve’s blog. His brain is firewired directly into the net, so he is able to create complex and untraceable coups controlling World events as they unfold (who wrote that? – Ed). He also posts roughly every 10 seconds so you’re never going to miss anything important. (Is there really a Labour Party Conference on at the moment? USA press huh…..) But as it’s no longer Steve’s blog I’ll settle for Lizzy ‘cos she lives on my old block, and she’s a good mate, so if I commented on my plight she’d send a car to rescue me.

  2. It’s no laughing matter not being mentioned on your mate’s best blogs list, so it ain’t Steve. It’s a toss up between PabloKickasso, travel journalist extraordinaire, who makes the simple act of reaching for a beer across the table into a Martin Amis-esque ROTFL half hour, and comedian Richard Herring’s ‘Warming Up’. On the basis of consistency PK has to win.

  3. Well Steve’s did today, seeing as I wasn’t on his original list. But no – this one goes hands down and cat-rescue up to the lovely Marquis, who is right now estranged from his New Orleans home and has written some very moving accounts of his recent experiences.

  4. Steve has some good recommendations it has to be said, but no, really this has to go to Aurgasm. That’s all I’m saying. Check it out and go purchase.

  5. I argue with Steve online all the time, (and occasionally change my mind), but having just read about collapsing walls and drug dens I’m on the verge of changing my mind about having rented my London flat out to the Catster……

  6. It used to be Steve’s ’cos his was just about the first blog I ever read daily when I discovered blog world, but now it’s my little sister Fudge. We used to see each other almost every day and now we’re both experiencing totally new lives across the globe. She is a Hausfrau and myself a Shark in the City.

  7. Quite intrigued by Tom Karlo’s photoblog.  At least I keep on checking in. I know Steve so he can’t possibly even be nominated for this award.

  8. Steve blogs already. All the time. So BigBuzzard get writing!

Now go answer them on your own blogs…..I know you all have them …

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Blogger codenameLizzy said...

REF : No 5
Snooped for you yesterday.
Place spotless. It remains a shrine to your Sharkness and indeed Purpleness.
PS Drugs den remains a virgin.

3:56 PM, September 29, 2005  

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