Sunday, October 23, 2005


The heating in our block came on big time yesterday, so the apartment has gone from a fairly pleasant temperature to the sort of tropical conditions only found at botanical gardens and in OVP’s flat. As all the radiators are totally boxed in, turning any of them down or off involves getting Henry the lovely handyman up from the cellar to take half the walls down.
In a climate like NY where not only the temperature but the seasons change drastically on a daily basis, I think Henry and I are going to become very good mates.

Anyway, along with this sudden heat wave came a gargantuan cockroach (because just everything is jumbo-sized here), spotted today in the living room. I am informed by NY friends in the know, that I should purchase a ‘Roach Motel’. We’ve barely got our own living quarters together and now it seems I have to sort out some sort of fancy neon-lit accommodation for the roaches too.
Another trip to the hardware store called for then. Oh joy. Better set aside a whole day to explain this one….           


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