Friday, January 27, 2006


Did a sweep of the entire flat in the middle of the night searching for the Telegraph machine which the USA military or some such visitor had clearly very carelessly left in our apartment, switched on, whilst people are trying to sleep. Then I realised that this racket was actually coming from inside my head. It's amazing how tinnitus appears to be coming from outside not inside. Blimey. I don't envy people who suffer from this all the time. It's like having really noisy neighbours. No worse, because this lot are really bright and only talk in a code I can't understand. I also now have earache as well as deafness in morse-code ear, which is really not good.

This morning I got very worried that the noise was so loud that it must actually be able to be also heard by everyone outside my ear.... but the TH had a good listen up against my ear and could hear nothing, which is just as well 'cos I didn't want to be that disruptive 'morse-code-ear-sounds-person' that everyone turns to stare at, at the gig I went to this evening. The gig being the lovely Kendra Shank. And she really is lovely. I met her at the IAJE last week and really wanted to hear her sing after meeting her. So JB and I headed out to the 55 Bar tonight to her gig. Turns out that JB has known her for years anyway, so it's all fairly karmic and stuff, as it should be. Good gig. Kendra was as lovely as she is - just check out her smile - it says it all really. She sang some very adventurous repertoire - 'The Peacocks' by Jimmy Rowles, which is one of my all time favourite jazz tunes, and you have to be MAD to sing it 'cos the head just jumps all over the place. She clearly is mad though, so that's okay. She also unusually did a track from the soundtrack of the film 'un homme et une femme' (which I must recommend as a really beautiful album full of incredible arrangements, especially the string-writing) . She sang really well in French and should possibly do way more of the French material. Had lots of fun listening anyway. As she did singing I think. A lovely gig.

The ear thing is pretty weird. I was convinced there was a drummer in the band for about half the set until JB made me get up and actually look, when I discovered that my very clever tinnitus was actually creating a percussion part. All of which would be fine if it didn't hurt so much.

Think I might have broken the code though. Last night I actually beat the TH at chess. This is a hugely big deal because it's the first time I've done it ever, in like 8 years or something. So I have a theory now that the morse 'code' I'm hearing is a kind of subliminal chess-thing which is going straight to my subconscious and enabling me to be a really cool player (the TH was once told by a Grand Master that he was good enough to be a Grand Master....), so code =
' Rook to E5 which checks White's king. White counters by moving the king to F4 , which moves it out of check and threatens your rook. You move your rook to C5, which moves it to safety and threatens White's pawn at C2. White counters by moving the king to G3........etc etc.


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Good to TH around long enough for a game. Hurrah.xx

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