Thursday, January 12, 2006


How the hell out of practice am I at working?
So, we arrive to assemble our stand at the IAJE and of course realise within seconds that we should have brought tape, string, scissors, a mini-bar etc....Lizzy I so needed you there today.
Without said equipment, stand could clearly not be built. Had to retire to the bar.
(But not before seeking out and discovering illegal power and wifi sources, which will serve very nicely thank you for our website display, which didn't exist at all until I planned it just now).
Am not worried yet. The official opening of the stand is at 6 tomorrow, but there is the vexed question of the Dutch Embassy party from 4.30pm in a completely different part of town. And indeed the whole problem of fitting in building the stand at all into a very busy day. However, as our stand position is just about as far away from the entrance as it is possible to be (ie. the WORST position) we figured nobody would actually get to it till around 6.30/6.45, which buys us extra time to get back from the party even during cab-shift-swap-over-nightmare-hour. Or something.....

Crashed into the lovely Wayne Batchelor early this afternoon, and have been hanging out with him pretty much ever since. Really good to catch up, as I've not seen him for years. Plus he seems to know about 90% of the several thousand people at the conference. Have a large collection of business cards from all of Wayne's friends and acquaintances met today, including the extraordinary fellow-Aquarian Sun Ra Arkestra bass player, Juini Booth, with whom I spent an interestingly spacey half hour or so.

Tonight with Wayne, JB, Celia and the TH to see Christine Tobin at Joe's Pub. A really good gig, with some very interesting original material. The space really worked for her and she sang really well. Also it struck me that this is the first time I've heard Christine in a couple of years or something - probably because transport-wise it's sort of easier to get to a gig in New York from London than it is to get to the Vortex if you live in SE London.....

London really needs to sort its transport out. It's very evident to me after a few months in New York, that there is a much bigger audience at any and every gig here (and a whole load more gigs), mainly, I'm sure, because people can actually get to the gig in the first place and then get home afterwards without having to take out a second mortgage....

Right. Need to pack string and brain for tomorrow.


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

Gaffer tape too, just in case

5:29 PM, January 12, 2006  
Blogger est said...

lizzy! thats funny!
suuzwah dear.. have written prologue/1st chapter of book. not gonna blag it yet.. alls good. glad the christine had a good un.
best of for 2006

1:32 PM, January 15, 2006  

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