Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Today's interesting new flu-lurgy symptom is 'almost complete deafness' but with a fairly constant and insistent morse-code tinnitus thing going on. Have spent entire day trying to understand this code, because clearly something in the very depths of my head is trying to tell me something, but my morse is about as good as my German, which as my sister will tell you, is a fair bit worse than hers.

I am stir crazy with all this staying in the apartment trying to get well business. Feeling slightly dangerous after 2 days of it and had to resist radio phone-ins today. My resistance is already low and tomorrow is a whole other problem. On the upside I have sorted the good from the bad on US TV, which is a vast improvement on believing everything is bad, and I now have something resembling a viewing schedule. This includes 'Desperate Housewives', 'The Bachelor', 'American Idol' and 'Wife Swap'. And just incase you're wondering, yes, that's the GOOD stuff.....

I have also discovered and become a huge fan of WNYC radio. I am such a fan I will probably be a sponsor by the end of the week. Or better still, an employee. This station broadcasts the equivalent of all the best elements of BBC Radios 3 and 4, and reverts to the BBC World Service at other times. I have seriously not heard anything on there yet which hasn't really interested me. They have fantastic phone-ins, totally compelling interviews, serious political debates and, most importantly, incredible jazz programmes.

Actually I did briefly leave the apartment today, but only to put a card under the neighbour's door to tell her that I'm sick and she shouldn't come round incase she catches the lurgy. Felt compelled to do this after ignoring the doorbell three times yesterday. It has been very quiet this evening so clearly this is a working model. I still have a copy of 'Black's Medical Dictionary' somewhere, and a whole packet of postcards from Kew Gardens, so I reckon this new plan could buy me a couple of weeks of peace....

Oh, and incase you hadn't already figured it out - day 19 no cigarettes.


Blogger est said...

whey hey! u good gal you! noooo ciggies? i feel like an all sinning all cussing calvinist gal who s toying with the humanist option. get well soonest sharkist

10:56 AM, January 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) congrats on no ciggies

2) fancy brunch on Sunday?

3) Sounds like you discovered PBS... Cool isnt it. Not as good as the whole BBC but very good to have in NYC all the same.

1:18 AM, January 31, 2006  

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