Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Yesterday at some ridiculous hour of the morning, and after one hour of sleep, set off with OVP to his meeting at NJPAC in Newark, which he had very kindly invited me along to so as I could meet some folks who work there and have a look around the venue with a view to my future jazz project ideas. I'd forgotten the joys of commuting. Almost two hours of torrential rain, broken ticket machines, cancelled trains, dead ends, dead bodies on the line, deadly umbrellas in the street, no cabs and toxic swamps.

The meeting was good for OVP although most of it went straight over my head as I don't speak fluent 'marketing', but it was good to meet some of the lovely and very committed staff who work there and hear about their ideas and plans for the venue. The main hall itself is beautiful, and the whole building, being only 10 years old has many of the facilities which were always lacking at the RFH (me, incredulously: 'you have furniture storerooms?!'). Particularly liked their remarkably adaptable third and smallest performance space and found my programming-head whirring into action at the mere sight of that and their currently very deserted (because not open until performance times) foyer spaces.
Must visit to see a performance sometime. But next time I'll fly.


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