Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The search for valid procrastination went out of the window when the divine and adorable Marquis and Ben came in through the door on Sunday. But strangely, the presence of this best possible type of distraction in the flat has only served to make me write much more quickly and efficiently, whilst these most endearing of house guests deposit little treats on the table in front of me at regular intervals - gorgeous purple orchids, mint chocolate chip cookies, bottles of wine (and of course milk thistle to counteract - how thoughtful is that!).

This is the second time they have visited and I am now convinced that they have this city totally sewn up. Last time we were veritably red-carpeted into all the best clubs in town, and last night they proved that they also have the culinary arena cut and dried and served on a silver platter, when the TH and I accompanied them to the latest 'buzz-restaurant' in town - Country.
Not only are they ever-so-pally-pally with the captain there, but by the end of the evening we were all set up for about the next decade, having been introduced to the chef (read God) and a good deal of the remaining staff. The 7-course meal 'specially prepared for our table' by chef, served by a waiter each, (and at a heavily 'Marq(uis)ed-down' price), was up there in the top two meals I've ever had in my life, and it was really one of those totally perfect evenings - gorgeous entertaining company and incredible food and wine.

Then to the nearest dive-bar with said captain (to bring us back down to our level), for a couple of hours of riveting behind the scenes restaurant stories straight out of 'Hells Kitchen', which always had the same roared ending ( although in a variety of languages ) - 'get your knives and get out!'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I SEWWWW do not have New York tucked tidily in my pocket. We'll have to wait until the day we get into Hip-n-Trendy Nightclub #27b whilst Paris Hilton is weeping outside the velvet ropes. Only then will I admit to your supposition. xo-Marquis

1:38 PM, September 16, 2006  

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