Monday, November 06, 2006


Coughing, sneezing and feverish. Also have a sore tooth (nothing new there then.) So aside from apartment viewings (currently only ones with a pillar in the living room - I just want one, ok?), jazz class and the unmissable spectacle of my ex-boss from the RFH performing at Mo Pitkins the other evening (which was much fun), have been pretty much staying indoors.

Apparently Mercury is in retrograde. This, amongst other things, allegedly sends 'communications, travel, appointments, mail and the www into a general snarlup'. Possibly not the best time then to be planning my trip to London on the internet, sorting appointments for whilst I'm there and dealing with a general mail backlog. A fact borne out when I had to spend the entire morning tracking down my hairdresser and hair straightener, who have both left the salon in London I've been going to for ten years. I did track them down eventually. One of them to Australia..... Terrific. Don't you just hate it when people demonstrate so absolutely that they have their own lives, and you just don't figure in them.....

There is a midterm election here tomorrow, so TV is an endless stream of baffling political broadcasts. Nobody here advertises what they can do, merely what their opponent can't do. In almost every ad, there is much overuse of the phrase 'unqualified to be comptroller' about the opposing candidate. I have no idea what a comptroller is or what the qualifications are, but every time I hear the word I am reminded of kids TV programmes such as Thomas the Tank Engine, (in which case I guess the qualifications would be that he needs to be fat and know a little about trains), or Trumpton, where I imagine Mr Comptroller would shuffle papers all day in the Town Hall (qualifications - being able to get to work at 9am on the dot and sing a catchy little theme tune about his busy paper-shuffling-life).


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