Saturday, October 14, 2006


The living room looks like the first Cylon war has taken place there overnight. I left the TH watching Battlestar Galactica in there at 11pm to go and read about Sidney Bechet in the bedroom (because opposites clearly attract), and for the second night running he didn't appear and I find him yet again working on the computer calling the UK office at 5/6am surrounded by bachelor detritus - empty bottles of rum, takeaway cartons, three full ashtrays and the tail ends of a couple of hours of snatched sofa sleep (opposites clearly don't attract that much). It's at times like this I want to get all my single girlfriends around who spend hours complaining about not having a partner, so as I can remind them what it's really like being the last freedom fighter in an episode entitled 'living space - the final frontier'.

When we move to a cupboard there are going to have to be an awful lot of rules - no smoking, no working from home, definitely no sci-fi (which I am sure must be to blame for most marriage break-ups - did anybody ever survey that?) And in return I'll stop reading about Sidney Bechet. If that's a problem.

But today, the vexed problem of surgically removing the TH from his keyboard, because there are those in here who believe that there is a life out there and would quite like to do something with the weekend.
'Can we go out and find a lost civilisation darling?' (read 'Can we go and do the weekly shop at Wholefoods').

Frankly there's quite a lot we have to go and do, and according to Al Gore in 'An Inconvenient Truth' , which I saw yesterday, it seems like we've only got about ten years left in which to do it. Very scary stuff. So I need to reawaken my mankind to a higher purpose.

And whilst we're on the subject, I bet all those intergalactic space ships aren't helping global warming one bit.....


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