Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I will never ever forgive Bayer Plc for changing the feminax recipe.
I am being a wimp, but I feel justified, having just taken the last serious pain killers in the whole apartment (ie. the last two proper 'old' feminax tablets).

It seems that my joyful anticipation of solid food (as opposed to the soups I have been living on for a week now,) was premature. The return visit to Mr Endodontist this morning didn't go quite as planned. This tooth is 'complicated' and hence a 'problem' (no, really?). I have a history of this kind of thing, which is why I try to stay away from the medical profession. Like the time they found I had an 'extra' rib and the blood disease I had as a child which was so rare it took 7 months of weekly blood tests to diagnose. And don't get me started on my current blood test results, which have been declared a 'mystery'. Anyway, Mr E today only managed to clear out (hack out) two of the three 'complicated meandering' tooth roots in the one and a half hours of sheer butchery I was subjected to (my roots clearly follow a British roadmap layout, as opposed to a grid system). I now look, and feel, as if somebody has repeatedly punched me in the face, and Oh Joy, I get to go through it all again in a weeks time for 'Root 3, The Sequel' (which looks on the X-ray like a dirt track in Norfolk). He has 'left something' in this root to pave the way next week. I am fairly sure it is one of those big olympic pole vaults. And what's more, apparently the tooth is fractured. Quel surpris! After this morning, my brain feels fractured. So depending how far down the fracture goes, I may still have to have the tooth extracted and all these weeks of soup frenzy will have been in vain. Much more of this and I'll pull the wretched thing out myself.....


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