Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Happy New Year all!
How did that happen? My last memory of any true clarity is sitting down for Christmas lunch. If you really want to know what's been happening I suggest you read CNL's blog - she was certainly drinking for two so it seemed reasonable to request that she should blog for two as well.

We found an apartment. That's the good news. The bad news is that there is someone living in it who doesn't seem to be showing any signs of moving out. He was supposed to vacate in October and then again in December. Whilst viewing the apartment it was evident that he hadn't cleaned the bathroom once in the three years he'd been living there, so, sociable as I am, a flatshare is definitely out of the question. I should have predicted this sit-in, having had a repetitive nightmare on Christmas eve in which I was clinging to the roof of the new apartment six-storey building and nobody was coming to my rescue, so I kept falling off. I died five times that night, which was pretty exhausting I can tell you. The Elf was curious as to why santa didn't rescue me, as he was clearly hot-footing around the sky that evening with a bunch of flying reindeer. Good point. And clearly another bad omen. The tenant has apparently said that he needs 'another couple of weeks or so to move out'. As it will take at least another two weeks in addition to that to clean the bathroom floor alone, and we're meant to be moving at the end of January, I'm not holding my breath. Meanwhile I'm posting CNL at the front door of our apartment to scare off any prospective new tenants here...just incase.

Other than flat-hunting stress, it's been a really fun two weeks. Lots of lovely time spent with the Berliners and then a proper bank holiday yesterday, which I've not experienced in years - the three of us sat around in our pyjamas all day watching tv football and a whole load of movies, consuming beer, cheesy wotsits and the remains of the Elf's candy cavern until we all felt sick enough to ardently believe in and look forward to our resolutions to give everything up.


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

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11:11 PM, January 02, 2007  
Blogger codenameLizzy said...

I'm not ready to give everything up yet.
Can I have longer?

11:11 PM, January 02, 2007  
Anonymous Country Bumpkin said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! You city slickers!
Me, I'm thoroughly soaking up the countryside alongside the alcohol...... (what's got into me? Oh I remember... champagne, chiraz, rum..... Think I'm becoming a true Brit at last!).
Saw some beautiful wild pheasants eating seeds in the Sussex garden this morning, and under the full moon last night, the owls were hooting and wood pidgeons cooing.
And the little old pub was just passed the gate at the bottom of the garden path!

D xxx

10:12 AM, January 03, 2007  
Anonymous stormy and jb said...

so i guess i won't have to put on my shoes to get an egg, sugar, cig or good advice. congrats neighbor.

7:29 PM, January 03, 2007  

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