Thursday, March 15, 2007


I know, I know - I never write, I never call.....checking in to every which-where-airport-and-place but this blog. So a quick debrief.

Currently sitting in Hong Kong airport (and it's pretty cruisy up top here in the lounge I can tell you...) Other than that, it's exactly like being at home. Any of my homes. The TH and I are sitting opposite each other behind computers and I can see a 'Tie Rack' through the window. This seems to be a fitting situation in which to use the Catster's current favourite word 'Meh!'' But I'm only guessing and it's entirely possible I might have this whole new-cult-word-thing all wrong.....

London for a week. Just lovely to spend quality time with my family of very missed friends, to regularly and randomly crash into old acquaintances in the street, have people laugh at my jokes (because they..errr...get them), and drink at second-home bars where the staff know me and don't need telling 'no fruit' in the gin. Stayed with my lovely tenants/friends who were paradoxically paying me rent whilst putting me up for a few days in my own apartment. ( what?! I said they were lovely!)

Took care of lots of UK business with banks, moonlighting Poles (who of course only work by moonlight), phone & insurance companies and freeholders etc. Lovely day with L and Catster and very positive meeting with I in Brighton re. possible work in New York, (also, as always, checked on the Brighton hut - a whole other story, for another time).

Moved to H's wondrous Old St loft for the last few days, ate & drank way too much, revised my babysitting skills (on hitherto complete strangers), explored L's fabulous and long-awaited new gaff, and played about 950 games of Skip-Bo. On Wednesday H's wifi connection went down and the boiler broke. Bah. Lofts huh! So we thought 'F***k this, let's go to another continent!'
Just kiddin'.
Although not about the continent bit, clearly.

Next up - Godson, TH's 40th birthday, our very postponed honeymoon. Tomorrow in Perth.
The 12 hour journey to Hong Kong (I think the first time I've slept on a plane ever), was an upgrade to business class, thanks to dear friend Brian, who got in touch with the lovely J, (who I've not seen for a while, but used to work with at the RFH years ago - when the RFH was veritably swimming in such adorable people - and now works at Heathrow). Thank you a million times J, if you're reading this! J is clearly going under the pseudonym of 'Eddy' these days, as every favour we received in the airport (and there were many), was given to us with a wink and a 'from Eddy'. So I'm presuming that all this loveliness was from J.....
If, instead, it was randomly given by a stranger called Eddy, then that would be very weird.
Very weird indeed.

So. I have no idea what time of day or night it is here (or in NY.) I think it is breakfast time in London, but I am sipping a large g&t just to be on the safe side.
You are, I am sure, gathering from all of this that life could be very much worse.....but to put it in realistic terms that H will definitely understand - it doubtless will be, at some point.


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