Monday, March 19, 2007


So there's this girl who lives in a high rise in Manhattan. She loves very cold weather and hates the sun, wears black all the time and spends the majority of her spare time on the internet or hanging out drinking in jazz clubs after dark.
In this week's episode, after 3 days spent on planes with very little sleep, she arrives on the edge of the outback where her black clothes are taken from her, she's put in a colourful sarong and bare feet, and dumped on a beach with no shade in 35 degrees.
Her disorientation further increases when she is taken to the house where she is to stay for the next 10 days and there is no alcohol, no air conditioning, no wifi and no broadband connection. Furthermore there is a baby she has no idea how to look after, and no jazz club for miles.
Will she survive? To be continued.........


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