Friday, June 15, 2007


Knowing Andy is like having an up-to-the-minute interactive copy of Time Out London, as he is inevitably taking part in any event worth seeing. So last Friday and Saturday was spent at the Royal Festival Hall re-opening events (where A was performing), catching up with many very missed friends, joy-riding in the new glass elevator and testing out all the new bars (including one which was formerly my office....)

RFH re-opening 'Singing River' Project

Two hours after playing sax in a big band at the RFH, A was riding naked through the streets of London in the World Naked Bike Ride. Obviously.

J felt it only right and proper to set up a water station at the side of the road, but was (for some reason) being very selective as to who was allowed water. I will leave the criteria to your imagination.

A opts for something stronger

Have since spent a day with the lovely sister et famille who were visiting from Berlin, attended meetings re. my trip to Canada next week (where I'll be researching a very exciting forthcoming jazz project), lost games of Pictionary to the lovely tenants, refurbished the bathroom, attended the RFH gala opening concert and traversed London three times to get rebuilt by my genius osteopath.

What I've not managed to do is sleep.

Tomorrow New York. Next week Canada.
My global footprint is fast becoming as embarrassing as my actual shoe size...


Anonymous Lost and Found said...

I found you again.... hooray!

BTW... did you hear about Paul McCartney's secret album launch gig at your fav venue... Highline Ballroom... last Wednesday...... (ah yes, when the weather was cold and grey-skied)?

Whirling Dervish x

8:45 PM, June 18, 2007  

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