Monday, March 13, 2006


Last night to OVP's new gaff. It's really exactly the same as his last place except it's in zone 954, currently has no internet access or mobile phone reception and is surrounded by dense forest. There is also a veritable Bloomingdales-make-up-counter-selection of types of mud, and a satellite tv variety of wildlife. (Wanna see a snow leopard? No problem). But I guess if you're going to move out of a flat which is practically on top of St Paul's with the Thames running through the bathroom and your workplace a mere biscuits toss away, you might as well do it properly. On the upside there is definitely oxygen there (which frankly you need in order to traverse the terrain outside the station), it is a real beautiful coach house with beams and history, and there is a proper country pub affair happening directly across the road and stars in the sky. C & OVP are two of my favourite people in the world and it is only in the company of a handful of true friends such as these that this nomadic shark nowadays feels really at home. A lovely relaxed evening of good vibes, chat, champagne and gorgeous Indian food.

Today to meet the ever karmic and resilient (and slightly less Big) Buzzard & my namesake for lunch. BB's had one hell of a week, as you can read on his blog, and it was good to see him to reassure myself that he is ok as far as it is possible to be under the circumstances (I think he is), get the full story and give him a hug. It's an unenviable situation to find yourself in, but he (and S) are dealing with it admirably well and are full of practical optimism and their usual zest and energy for life in general. I nevertheless hate that in 48 hours I'm going to be thousands of miles away again and can't be around to help or support in any way. It's a reminder that what matters most of all in life are the people we love and of course, our health.

A lovely London afternoon doing errands, walking the streets with OVP, talking and drinking in the way that I can only do with him. Then on to the QEH to hear Zoe Rahmans set (inspiring as always) and inevitably crash into many other people I've not seen for months.

The wondrous CNL had gorgeous dinner served when I got in. (She is spoiling me). Though quite how she managed to cook whilst refreshing the Jodie Marsh suitcase ebay sale every 5 seconds I'm really not sure. If I didn't know her better I'd say she wanted to buy it...........


Blogger Big Buzzard said...

Lovely to see you too. Thanks for all good wishes - to you and everyone else who's been in touch. It's much appreciated.


5:07 AM, March 15, 2006  

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