Thursday, March 16, 2006


So I was that person I normally hate at the check-in desk , unpacking my entire suitcase and trying to jam 9lbs of sharks, hula hoops and new black clothes into my carry-on luggage on account of being the subject of excess baggage. Still, I gave the check-in guy the opportunity to say something he's almost certainly never said before and in all likelihood will never say again - 'perhaps one more shark would do it...?'

Had a perfect last day in London. Lunch and good chats with the lovely Stevie at his wonderful new discovery Hummus Bros in Soho (highly recommended gorgeous veggie fayre). Then a look around the National Portrait Gallery ('cos I is a tourist) on the way to meet A for yet more good conversation and wine. And finally a typically debauched, hilarious and gossipy Archduke evening with the HM's, well two-thirds of them anyway. How I miss those wicked-humour evenings and B's ever-increasing array of outrageous expressions and evil spot-on nicknames....

So now I'm back home. (I said 'HOME' - check THAT shit out!) It's been an excellent trip, and was just the therapy I needed to bring me to a realisation of just how lucky I am to now be in a position whereby I can be a part of and really appreciate both London and New York. I love London, but I love it even more now that I don't live there. I was running errands in that City this week which in a previous life would have been a drag, but are now fun and exciting. I was getting sentimental over seeing copies of the Guardian and learning about oyster cards, wandering through Soho and walking over Waterloo Bridge. And now that I'm back with the lovely TH, planning a week of gigs, I'm getting excited about all that's possible here too. I'm all set to hit this place with renewed vigour, an entire new wardrobe and some business cards.....


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