Wednesday, April 26, 2006


In all honesty I would have been quite happy to just sit in the same room as Andy Garcia all evening for 60 dollars, but last night's gig -THE CINESON ALL STARS featuring ANDY GARCIA + the legendary CACHAO at B.B. King's Club goes into my list of top gigs ever. Let's just get the name-dropping over first because they just kept on getting onto the stage to guest - trumpet player Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros and reed player Paquito D'Rivera to name but two, and into the audience to watch - Robert Duvall. So the whole evening had that 'anything can happen next' feel to it, which is always fun.

Cachao is an amazing 88 yr old Cuban bass player, who, along with his brother, invented the mambo rhythm back in 1938 and is still performing two and a half hour sets, without a break, of some of the most uplifting and life-affirming music I've ever heard. Andy Garcia has been working closely with him for many years, since making a documentary about him in 1993 - 'Cachao…Como Su Ritmo No Hay Dos' and he plays bongos/percussion (brilliantly) in the band, and does all the announcements in THAT VOICE.......

I'm meeting up with the lovely Tim Whitehead tonight, who's in town briefly, and we're off to see Bill Frisell. But unless he has Al Pacino as a sideman, last night's gig is going to be pretty hard to live up to....


Anonymous recovering drunk said...

Ok - so can I just point out exactly how great the taste of this human marvel (speaking about heart-throb A.G. of course) is, having read some of the web bumf on the link you made.....
He named his first daughter, Daniella! Need we say any more? (We can forgive the unnecessary second 'l'.)

What a sight it was. Smiling, beaming, laughing, giggling and all but fainting with excitement:
Good call - v. fun night.

4:05 PM, April 26, 2006  

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