Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Further to my career-threatening prediction of February 16th (yes, sadly American Idol has been going on for that long, and it isn't over yet), I'd like to point out (as I'm in CV-writing mode), that Paris Bennett got (unjustly) thrown out last week, but nevertheless made it to the final five (and will be a superstar whatever happens), and Taylor is still going strong. Well maybe not strong exactly, but he's in the final four, for those who are counting. Tonight someone else gets to go. I don't think it'll be Taylor. In fact the shark predicts we're in for a Taylor/Chris final. But it's a close call.......

10.30pm update - well Chris just went. Bit of a shock. But good news for Taylor methinks. He's in the final three. Yay!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

keep the AI updates coming! they've stopped showing the programme on itv. i luuuuuurve Taylor. Jxx

12:36 PM, May 14, 2006  

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