Monday, June 23, 2008


I got back from Rochester (note to self - do not explore any more of the USA - NY is just fine) to find a significant amount of rubble on the kitchen floor, and a hole in the wall. The TH, despite having been here the whole time, had somehow failed to notice this. I really don't like the outdoors at the best of times, and particularly at this time of year, and now there is uncontrollable 'weather' in the kitchen.
I am presuming that this is a 'mistake' rather than the revised building 'Fire Safety Plan'....although the builders responsible for the hole clearly aren't particularly perturbed as they have disappeared. For two days now.

The doorbell rang at 7am this morning and the neighbour is delivering our current house guest, who she'd found asleep outside on the corridor floor. She hates anything 'messing up' the corridor, and given the fuss she makes about umbrellas being left there, I can see that the aftermath of finding a whole person on the doorstep is going to run and run. I use the term 'whole person' with caution, as this is the second time in 3 nights now that J has spectacularly failed to find his bed and what with jetting about, jetlag, jazz gigs and JB taking care of 23 hours out of every 24, I figure he can't have had more than one night's sleep in about the last 6 days.
He is nevertheless looking far better for it than I am.

I just knew it was going to get messy.


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