Thursday, March 16, 2006


Even jetlag can't explain why I found myself this afternoon watching the last 15 minutes of the Jodie Marsh Big Brother suitcase sale on ebay in a refreshing frenzy. I clearly caught trashy-bird-flu whilst staying with CNL this week. Having said that, despite being a total farce, said sale was also pretty compulsive viewing on account of it suddenly reeling from 7,000 and pages of bids down to 1,000 and 'no bids' in a matter of minutes. I thought the whole point of auctions was that bids are supposed to go up? In any case, I'll spare you the details, but if you're interested (and I really hope for your sake that you're not) the whole pointless saga is beautifully summarised here. Incidentally (I hope), CNL (who is coming to stay this weekend) emailed this evening to say, and I quote - 'I now have a suitcase on loan so can bring hula hoops'. I am trying not to tirer des conclusions....

Whilst we're on the subject of totally unimportant addictive TV programmes I must report that The Bachelor and Sarah have already split up. And I feel nothing less than totally cheated out of the wasted hours I spent watching them get together. I hate to say je vous ai dit (not least because it's probably grammatically incorrect), but obviously, as I previously pointed out, he should have chosen Moana...

As for American Idol, I am thankful to discover that both Paris and Taylor are still going strong. If one of them doesn't win, it will clearly be the end of the career I currently don't even yet have.

I did get my life back in Europe. Honest. And to prove it, tomorrow I will be writing an in-depth post on anti-semitism in the works of Karl Marx and George Orwell.


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It's like looking in the mirror.

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