Saturday, January 08, 2011


In some ways the TH is spectacularly dependable.
For instance, I can totally depend on him to do some slightly 'odd' things in my absence. Putting his name down for a 300 mile bike ride when he didn't even own a bike, is one case which springs to mind.

So it came as no great surprise this morning to hear, by way of twitter, that no sooner am I on a plane and out of sight, he has decided to 'do' the Brockwell Lido Mid-Winter Swim today. Which would be all very well, (well, when I say 'all very well', clearly I don't mean that - how is it 'all very well' to swim in an outdoor unheated pool in minus 4 degrees? But we're talking about the TH here so let's make some allowances). It might be 'all very well', except for the fact that the first (and indeed last) time I found myself in a pool with him, I discovered he couldn't really actually....errrr...swim....?

In tour management we call that 'logistically impossible', but he's in IT so I guess to him it's merely an 'issue'.

Good luck with that then....


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